Toilet plumbing is a common issue in the bathroom.  Your toilet may seem like a reasonably simple plumbing fixture, but installing one can get complicate with all of the moving parts and potential safety hazard involved in the installation process.  Our team is experienced in all phases of toilet repairs and replacements.  Please call 850-769-2743 to discuss all your residential and commercial plumbing needs.  

When Do Toilets Need To Be Replaced?

Toilets may need to be replaced for worn out circumstances or removed and replaced for remodeling purposes.  Toilet fixtures – like the flush kit, tank plug, and float will wear out within an number of years.  Sometimes clogs or repairs require the toilet to be removed from the floor for repairs.  Any type of toilet leak can lead to some serious flooding problems.  Similarly, your toilet may need to be replaced if you smell sewer gas in your bathroom, as inhaling this can be hazardous to your health, not to mention that the gases are flammable and pose a risk of fire and significantly property damage.  

Sometimes the wax beneath your toilet will dry out over time, and any movement of the fixture can cause it to crack, ruining the seal.  If the mounting bolts and nuts come loose and your toilet shifts or rocks, this is a good sign that your toilet – or at least the wax ring and flange below will need to be replaced.  

Types Of Toilets

There are four primary types of toilets that are used in the residential markets, including:

  • Gravity-Feed Toilet
  • Pressure-Assisted Toilet
  • Dual-Flush Toilet
  • Double-Cyclone Toilet

We Repair & Replace Major Brand Toilets

Whatever toilet manufacturer, make and model toilet you have in your home or business, our technicians have the knowledge and experience to repair or replace in the most cost-effective fashion.  Popular toilet manufacturers include – American Standard, Aker, Kraftmaid, Moen, Kohler, Mansfield, Toto, Delta, Grohe, Jacuzzi, Price Pfister, Insikerator, and more!